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Buff Muscle Sluts

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Trying to get buff and muscular (especially for an older woman) means long hours pumping weights and lady weightlifters are always putting in their time at the bench press at this gym. Of course as they sweats and strains, a lot of men will be checking out their crotches and lucky us, in some of these buff muscle sluts pictures you can see their pussies! The big clits of these pretty bodybuilding cougars are just straining against the thin fabric and trying to pop out, hehe….wouldn’t that be NICE?!

“Don’t just look, honey, come over here and introduce yourself!”

(Mature women make the best lovers)

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Big Clit Sex DVDs

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I know many people have forsaken DVDs for downloads and live streaming, but just in case you still enjoy having a hard copy of your favorite (and hard-to-find) porn here’s a nice little selection of big clit sex DVDs for you to peruse.

And many female bodybuilders are featured, so enjoy!

“Don’t be scared, baby, it’s just the little man in the boat!”

(Yep, it’s big, hehe)

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Big Clit Sex Clips

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Get ready for some mature dripping cougar pussies and large bulging clits on parade! They’re swollen, protruding and stretched and oh-so nasty for the lover of big clits and big pussy lips! And they’re served up just the way you like them: throbbing and in your face!

YEAH, BABY! Bodybuilder bitches have big clits and their fans will LOVE the XXX action in these big clit sex clips!

….get down and suck my huge clit!

(Buff and bulging at the crotch)

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Big Clits And Big Lips

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

One thing that many fans of female bodybuilders and older women (read: cougars) love are big clits and big lips on their women.

And some of the questions that poses:

- DO bigger clits and large pussy lips make a woman hornier?
- Are they more sexually aggressive because of the increased stimulation and arousal a larger clitoris causes?
- Do they cum easier in bed?
- Is there a correlation between a large clit and working out (steroids aside)?

And the findings are ……WHO THE FUCK CARES?!!!

We just like female bodybuilders and mature babes with big clits and big lips, okay?

How’s that for a “study”, LOL!


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Muscle Babe Sex Galleries

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Looking for some muscle babe sex galleries featuring big buff sluts doing it XXX and hardcore?

muscle babe sex galleries
Female Body Builders Doing Porn And LOVING IT!

Big clits and huge sexual appetites make for some seriously hot muscular fucking action when these lovely buff babes and gym babes drop the weights and grab the cocks and pussies of the people around them! Talk about a protein shake straight from the tap, these cum-hungry fit females will delight and satisfy your cock like no others!


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