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Bodybuilding Cougars For Phone Sex

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

If you’re into horny mature women that like to workout, do I have a deal for you! I’m talking real musclebound, hard body mature sluts who can’t wait to finger their huge clots as they get off with you over the telephone! If you’re into older women who spend most their time in the gym, sweating, straining and pumping iron, but are too busy to date then listen up.

Bodybuilding Mature Sluts Looking For Fun

Many amateur bodybuilding women and even professional muscles sluts tell me the biggest problem they have in their romantic lives is finding the time to date. So what do most of them do? They masturbate, what else? But more than a few of them have come to my service literally begging me to allow them to get off over the phone with nice guys who call my exclusive bodybuilding cougar phone sex muscle babe number.

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Now I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a female bodybuilding contest, but the first thing you’ll notice, other than the huge muscles and tight hard asses on these women, are the huge clits clearly visible bulging beneath their deliciously tight bikini bottoms. It seems the sex hormones released from bodybuilding not only make a woman’s muscles grow, they make her clitoris grow as well – then the engorged state of her most sensitive female part literally drives them mad with an insatiable burning sexual desire. One that can only be satisfied by almost constant sex or self stimulation!

Many of these women are mature older gals who decided to chuck the whole suburban wife and family trip in order to pursue their dreams of competing in muscle women competitions and bodybuilding championships around the world. And like most older women, or cougars if you like the term, their sexual desires have only grown as they age – coupled with their new found passion for muscle sex means these horny older babes are always on the problem for something new and kinky!

Grannies And Older Aunties Can Be Fun Too!
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So why not make a bodybuilding cougar happy and call our number so we can put you in touch with some of the hottest, horniest and sexy mature muscle sluts ever to pick up the phone? Trust me, you’ve never had it so good as when a mature muscle slut gets you off as she fingers herself to a shattering orgasm with you!

Coach Bob
muscle and fitness trainer

Want A Dominant Older Slut With Muscles Who’s CRUEL?
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Big Clit Sex DVDs

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I know many people have forsaken DVDs for downloads and live streaming, but just in case you still enjoy having a hard copy of your favorite (and hard-to-find) porn here’s a nice little selection of big clit sex DVDs for you to peruse.

And many female bodybuilders are featured, so enjoy!

“Don’t be scared, baby, it’s just the little man in the boat!”

(Yep, it’s big, hehe)

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Topless Wrestling Gallery

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I love watching two nasty bitches with their tits out slamming each other in the ring. Makes men’s pro wrestling look like a joke! Forget some huge Frankenstein looking steroid monkey, I want bare tit babes fighting for the gold…and PUSSY!

Sound like your kind of sports night?

Then check out this topless wrestling gallery for your fix of hot busty sluts doing battle and kicking ass with the best of them! Many are also female body builders and amateur muscle sluts!

“I’ll pull your fucking tits off SLUT!”

(Love to fight another female)

Sport Erotica

Big Muscle Clit Lover

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Let me tell you why I love a hard bodied, muscular babe. Women with ripped arms, legs and asses…

Yeah I love touching those gorgeously firm, strong figures all over. But here is the real reason I am so partial to a body building babe. I am a purveyor of the big clit. Yep, I love a sweet, large wet clit that could poke an eye out when I am tonguing the full, pink lips surrounding it. I love to suck on them, lick them and rub them till the hard bodied MILF attached to them squirt in my face from the hard spasms my lips and tongue give her.

I can’t get enough I tell you!

So I hang out at body building competitions just waiting to meet my next big clitted beauty, hoping I will get to give at least one lovely lady the lickin she so deserves. I am on my way out the door right now. Wish me luck!

Clit Lover
(The bigger the better!)

Hirsute Beavers

Gym Sluts Doing Porn

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

There’s absolutely nothing better than watching gym sluts doing porn! After a nice, hard, sweaty day at the gym, these fitness babes and sports sluts are horny as hell and ready to fuck anything in sight. They know that giving epic blowjobs is a great way to burn calories, just as they know how rich in protein a man’s hot sperm is!

And what amateur muscle babe doesn’t need MASSIVE amounts of PURE protein, hmmm? LOL

“…come on, baby, I need another GULP of that GOOD stuff!”

(Fit and fabulous)

Does Working Out Make A Woman’s Clit Get Big?
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It Sure Did To THESE Muscle Women!

Muscle Sluts Sex Movies

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Today at Bodybuilding Cougar we have a nice selection of muscle sluts sex movies for you to comb through and pick one you like! Lot’s of hardcore bodybuilder babes and horny muscular sluts in heat doing it XXX and RAW!!

muscle sluts sex movies
Just One Of The Hot Muscle Sluts Sex Movies

These lusty ladies are hitting the gym to get in shape, and like ALL women, working out only makes them want sex MORE! It’s true (I looked it up on this here internet thingie…) women that are in shape and lift weights have the sexual drive of teenagers! Something about all those hormones pumping around that are stimulated by lifting heavy weights and training non-stop….

Works for me!


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Buff Muscle Sluts

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Think Buff Muscle Sluts ever get the hots for each other in the gym? Itching to run their hot tongues over each other’s muscular bodies and giant throbbing clits? Locked in sweaty lesbian embraces and dripping locker room sex?

You wouldn’t be too far off!

buff muscle sluts
Cougars Into Female Bodybuilding, Other Chicks….AND PORN!

This hottie muscle MILF is on the prowl for some hard cock and sweet young pussy! Yep, that’s right – many bodybuilding cougars are bisexual and into chicks too. Can you blame them? To be surrounded by all that glistening sweaty female flesh day after day in the gym must be quite the temptation to try some sweet buff babe pussy, right?


Mature Women And Cougars Looking For Some Excitement!
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